Statistics Analysis

Statistics Analysis

Gabrielle Zephirin


Professor Samantha














The annual sales of the restaurants were attained by multiplying the sales/sqft and sqft. As such, this approach produced the annual sales. The variable is not entirely symmetric as a standard normal distribution curve. Consequently, the sales/sqft variable reveals some skewness. Given the skewness in the mentioned variable, it is right to conclude that the IQR is more appropriate to measure variability than the standard deviation.

The histogram indicates that the variable is not symmetric. This aspect is revealed by the presence of a longer right tail in the data. There is a positive skewness of 1.236 as indicated by the longer right tail. The dataset contains merely a single outlier. The sales/sqft of this outlier is 97.12. Also, the sqft in the observation is 1251 sq ft. The observed area of the restaurant is smaller than that in the database. The conclusion from this observation is that the smaller restaurant records massive amounts of sales with regards to its size. In this case, such restaurants are in areas prone to massive crowds including malls and Centre parks.

The histogram shows sales/sq ft to be a right skewed variable. The median is deemed appropriate than mean for skewed distributions to measure central tendency because the mean is skewed too much due to the presence of outliers. As such, the above explanation would indicate the median as the suitable measure of central tendency to describe sales/sqft variable.

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