stereotype dossier

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Find 10 artifacts and insert them into a Word or Pages document and then write a narrative explaining how the artifact explains or is an example of the stereotype from our reading. For example, as your reading your facebook feed one morning you see the work of Brooklyn artist Tatyana Fazlalizadeh. You realize that her work is a perfect example of stereotype #35. You save the photos of her project and start to write about how they typify the stereotype of “He walks freely, She’s harassed.” As you apply the stereotype to the images, be sure to keep your responses between 300-600 words per stereotype. You’ll find an example of how the ‘dossier’ page for this should look, on the next page of this .pdf. You can only a stereotype twice. At a minimum, you will be discussing five different stereotypes. There should be ten entries. Do not use five stereotypes an

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