Stressing Me Out”

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  • Create a slide presentation of 6-8 slides
  • Define the following key terms and concepts in your own words. If you paraphrase, cite the source appropriately.
    • stress
    • the three stages of stress (alarm, resistance, exhaustion)
    • the fight or flight response
    • the tend and befriend response
    • optimism
    • self-efficacy
    • hardiness
  • Summarize the body’s long and short term reactions to stress, including effects to the heart, nervous system, and hormones.
  • Explain why it is important to manage stress.
  • Provide at least two strategies for coping with stress.
  • Describe a personal experience in which you successfully dealt with stress. What was the situation? How did you respond, and why was your response effective? Use relevant psychological terms and concepts as they apply.
  • Describe a personal experience in which you did not deal successfully with stress. Again, describe the situation, how you responded, and why the response was not effective, using relevant terms and concepts.

Please use the following resources and more if needed……

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