Sudanese Policy Brief Paper Help Writing Needed

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I need help on writing a 5 page Sudanese policy brief, I will include links that describe how to write the brief as well as an example of how it is supposed to look off of a previous students finished brief.The topic I am choosing to discuss is “Women’s Education in Sudan”. There will be six key points and they are: 1.1 Women/Girls In Sudan(the data of their education levels etc.) 1.2 Oppression of Women’s Education is Detrimental to Society/Economy(why that is) 1.3 Child Brides (how education can prevent this) 1.4 Mistreatment/Rape of Women (education of women can help change rape and abuse culture of women) 1.5 Existing Policy(the pros of the policy in place but also the cons and why my policy is a good improvement) 1.6 Whats Next?( basic summary of the brief and what changes the briefs implementations will bring about)

You can follow the example policy brief for format and structure, make some slight changes though please if possible so they are not the exact same 🙂 thank you.

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