Summary of 5 articles, one page ,drafting chapter 3 and outline for chapter 3

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HI my friend, I want 2 papers: 1- according to my paper for chapters 1&2 I want you write a one-page summary of 5 articles that I will be using in Chapter 3. This information can be used as part of my introduction or summary of a (sub- header) section in this chapter.Please use resources that are within 10 years and you can use the articles in the research below. Each article is one paragraph.

2- for this assignment, I need just outline for chapter 3.

Chapter 3: The result of a critical analysis of the presenting issues based on the aggregate findings from the literature review.

 Reintroduce the topic and what was explored in Chapter 2.

 What did the literature tell you about the presenting problem and possible solutions and remedies?

 Analyze the pros and cons presented, or general agreements derived from the articles explored.

 Were there portions of your review that were not addressed in the literature? If so, what was missing or unclear?

 Based on your review of this literature, what do you conclude about this topic?

 Are there areas of your topic that were not sufficiently researched or that you did not find direct responses to in the literature. What is the current status of this issue, and are there emerging issues that may impact the issue in the immediate future.

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