summary of Passover and the secret of Jewish longevity article

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Passover and the secret of Jewish longevity :…


Write a 450-600 word (1 ½-2 page) summary of the article in the following format: Double-spaced, Times New Roman or equivalent 12 pt. font, and 1 inch margins. Your name should appear in the upper right-hand corner, followed by the date of your presentation, and the section to which you are assigned (Judaism). No additional header should be used. Please include a word count after the final paragraph of your paper.

This summary should clearly articulate the topic of the article in your own words , and reflect on how it relates to our course readings for the tradition to which you are assigned (Judaism) While a significant quote or two from the article can be used to illustrate your summary, the point of this exercise is not to copy or rephrase the article, but to offer your own interpretation of, and insights into it. No additional sources (Google, etc.) should be used! Any citations used (whether phrases, or sentences) must be appropriately and consistently cited in Chicago or MLA formatting.

See the document attached has the article the some sources from the book

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