Survey Research

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For this discussion, choose a research area you would like to learn more
about. Design a study using one of the following survey approaches
1. Questionnaire Design
2. Sampling From The Population
3. Analyzing Survey Data

Include the following in your post:

  • Briefly describe the main points of your study.
  • Apply aspects of the scientific method to your study by
    including the type of sampling you will use in your research design and
    why you chose the approach that you did to study this topic.
  • Include two sample questions that will be a part of your study. 
    Explain why each of these would be good questions based on the
    principles presented this week.
  • Analyze the ethical principles which may affect your study. What
    are the specific ethical concerns associated with your research
    question or approach?
  • Finally, suggest ways to improve the response rate or participation levels in your study.

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