Synthesis paper

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Using the outline that is attached- review the instructors comments and ensure to address her instructions in the paper. This must be in 6th edition APA formatting.

write a paper (2,000-2,250 words) that synthesizes information from

resources you identified. Do that by including the following:

  1. A
    description of a current social issue (e.g., prejudice/discrimination,
    women’s rights, terrorism, homelessness, etc.). What is the problem to
    be researched?
  2. A behavioral analysis of the issue. Ask yourself,
    how would a behavioral theorist view the creation and persistence of
    this issue?
  3. A behavioral solution to the issue. How can
    behavioral theories be applied to solve this issue? Determine a plan of
    action, even if it is hypothetical.
  4. Describe the limitations of the behavioral interpretation of the issue, as well as any
    limitations to the behavioral solution. How might you resolve those

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