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Stephen King, “Different Seasons” but it’s not the whole book JUST the “The Body” chapter.

I am going to need a two-page first draft and three-page final draft. first draft should lack some of the requirements so when I present it I should be getting some feedbacks on what to add(you know what I mean) that adds up to 5 pages but technically it’s 3 pages.

Example: examples of prompts for each of them. you can add different prompts if you need to.

The Body : This is a story about mystery, risk taking, friendship, adventure, horror, curious boys.

Raymond Carver My father’s life : This is a story about identity, unintentional-selfishness, hate, alcoholism, support.

Gretel Ehrlich The western code: this is a story about caring for society, survival, societal isolation.

May Sarton, The rewards of living a solitary life : This is a story about solitude, independence

Please see the attached sheet for more details.

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