technical writing about psychology

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Task: Choose an academic topic related to your major, gather ideas about it from different

sources (through watching videos, listening to talks, and reading online or offline), and

synthesize the collected ideas and information with those of your own to write an academic essay

of 500 words. This task intends to test your ability in summarizing,

paraphrasing and synthesizing information and ideas from various sources of knowledge and

information. Your essay will be assessed against the following features of academic texts:

a) Content (3 Marks)

b) Organization (2 Marks)

c) Language use (2 Marks)

d) Formal and academic vocabulary (2 Marks)

e) Sentence variety (Simple, compound, complex and compound-complex) (2 Marks)

f) Mechanics (e.g., Spelling, Punctuation, Capitalization) (2 Marks)

g) Citations & References (2 Marks)

Submission Instructions

 Use A4 size paper, Times New Roman 11 font size with 1.5 line spacing in text.

 Use first page of assignment as cover page to submit your work

 Submit soft copy of assignment through college portal.

 Late submission is subjected to deduction of 1% of the assignment mark per delayed day

 Plagiarized work shall not be considered to award any marks

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