Ten Legacies from the Classical Heritage

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Write ten (10) points that identify and articulate a piece of the Heritage from the European classical world on display in the current world space of Florida and the United States. Think specifically of and offer examples from your hometown (the place you currently reside with your parents or grand-parents or whosoever’s presence signifies your “home”). Of these ten, several are mandatory examples I’d like to see in your answers and they will be enumerated below. The rest are of your own choosing.

Each of your answers should contain the following:

  1. A clear identification of the thing, structure, event, or behavior you’re identifying as being “influenced” by the connection to the Classical Heritage of the Greeks and/or Romans. How will you know that it is of that influence? The influencing item will be in the chapters and/or in the PowerPoints. You must note what specific page(s) your’re referencing from the book and/or the PowerPoints.
  2. A clear explanation (in .5 to .75 double-spaced 10 or 12 point font, 1 inch margins a la MLA style Microsoft Word formatted document, aka .doc or .docx) of WHY you think the item is of that heritage.
  3. Your take on how well you think that item represents the heritage. In essence, is the item “dead on it” or could it “use work” to better represent that heritage?

The items should be listed as follows

  1. The Pantheon.
  2. The “Allegory of the Cave.”
  3. “Antigone.”
  4. “Nicomachean Ethics.”
  5. Greek/Roman frescoes.
  6. Seneca’s “Tranquilty of the Mind.”
  7. Roman Colosseum
  8. Roman satire (name your inspiration).
  9. Your choice.
  10. Your choice.

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