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I have finish some of the essay so please complete the essay based on the following requirements, please do not forget to reformat it as APA styles

Process of Drafting Capstone Paper:

1. Pick a Thesis or Topic

2. Develop Thesis Statement

3. Commence Research I

Literature Review

4. Submit Literature Review

5. Develop Outline

6. Draft Prospectus

7. Commence Research II

Body Research

a. IRB (Institutional Review Board) permission

8. Draft Abstract

9. First Draft of Paper

10. Final Paper

Course Description (from Course Catalog):

Students complete a case study/project designed to test the totality of knowledge gained in the GNS major.Seminar projects must demonstrate explicitly, through scholarship, teamwork, and/or creative thinking, a meaningful integration of the student’s course of study.

The Senior Capstone project provides an opportunity for a student, in close consultation with the instructor, to define and conduct research appropriate to the conclusion of the student’s undergraduate program of study, write a major paper or project, and to present the student’s findings to an audience comprised of peers. It will be a distinct effort that demonstrates the student’s knowledge and expertise as a graduating senior.


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