the Bhopal Chemical Disaster

Due March 23, 2017 @8pm eastern time USA

Due March 23, 2017 @8pm eastern time USA

AT least 300 words with two sources. Must be original work.

There are video clips involving two separate disaster incidents, each with its own corresponding question.

Please respond to at least one of these questions, but preferably both, starting separate threads for each original response:

QUESTION 1:  Watch the video on the Bhopal Chemical Disaster: SEE LINKS BELOW (WARNING: This video contains graphic and disturbing images. If you elect not to view it, please research another link regarding Bhopal. )

Watch all of these on BHOPAL:

 Briefly discuss your reaction to this disaster and identify three potential mitigation measures that could have/should have been in place. 

QUESTION 2: MUNICIPAL DISASTER ASSISTANCE: You have been appointed Emergency Manager of a small town in Hungary. The video below has been sent to you to review and you must make recommendations to the Prime Minister for assistance. What kind of assistance do you think you will need within the first week?

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