The CEO of a small enterprise software house that’s been in operation for the last 6 years, is looking to promote/foster greater in-house efficiencies within his organisation across a variety of depar

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The CEO of a small enterprise software house that’s been in operation for the last 6 years, is looking to promote/foster greater in-house efficiencies within his organisation across a variety of departments. Operating out of its New York offices the company employees up to 40 staff at any given time and also has access and agreement with an Offshore outsourcing house in place, to cover any resourcing needs as they may arise. The company has a good reputation and has steadily grown its business with faithful customers, due in part by the development of its Enterprise Accounting Product software, that it successfully promotes.

The Accounting Product software developed originally and rolled out to a variety of customers has undergone considerable change over the last 6 years, not just from a development perspective in its coding practices, but also in its security and preventive measures put in place, to tackle potential issues from occurring. Maintenance and maintaining this software in an agile project world using traditional IT methods is becoming increasingly challenging. The 6-year-old product is now in effect quickly becoming “legacy software” and fixing the bugs raised alongside the development of new features to attract new customers, is proving cumbersome and challenging for the teams involved its development. Particular area’s that are of concern, is around the lack of a dedicated automation process throughout, project governance and code maintainability, growing number of deployments and version control, number of test and developer environments, lack of cohesion and ongoing conflict between the Development, Support & operations teams, to name but a few. DevOps is now viewed as the principal approach to software development that can grow the company’s customer base over the coming years.

In an effort to fully adopt the practices and principles of DevOps, the CEO would like to see a full and detailed holistic approach to software management, of its accounting product software. The approach should take note of the current challenges faced and compare these to new opportunities that DevOps provides for the accounting software development over the next 1-2 year period.

The CEO has recruited you as a consultant to make detailed recommendations to develop a DevOps strategy for its enterprise accounting product software. The strategy must align and adhere to current standards of Software Development and importantly must be fit for purpose and provide value to the company. You must state and outline any assumptions you have made and there should be scope for further and future integration over a 2-year period.

Your recommendations to develop the DevOps strategy approach for the CEO’s considerations must include the following:

·       Background and Preliminary research for the possible DevOps approach that match the requirements/brief above:

o   Define and explain the cultural approach needed for such a strategy taking into consideration the collaboration that will be needed by the various key

teams involved in its execution

o   Detail and justify the systems development methodology to be used and compare this to the current “as is” and possible “to be” approaches

·       Detail the Proposal for the new DevOps Strategy

o   Vision and Goals

o   Identification of key stakeholders and their involvement needed

o   Constraints and assumptions made

o   Describe and detail possible new key processes that will be required

·       Explain DevOps Operational Efficiency

o   Automation Strategy

o   Version Control and Continuous Integration

o   Continuous Testing and Delivery

o   Deployment and Environment Management

·       System Development Sprint Implementation

o   Create & describe a 2-year DevOps sprint plan for implementation of the software

·       Conclusion

o   Future possibilities i.e. how the DevOps solution might evolve with the business in the near to mid future.

·       Bibliography

·       Precise and Well-structured Report

o   Marks will be awarded based on structure, clarity, writing style, diagrams.

·       Technical merit and evidence of research

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