the expulsion of jews from spain

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Complete 8 pages paper on the effects of the expulsion of Jews from Spain on 1492. I already wrote 2 pages so you only need to build on top of it to reach 8 pages. Also, I’ll attach the 2 primary sources 1-Renegade Jew. 2- Edict of Expulsion, and the essay type will be type A in the guidelines.

Also, you should talk about how the expulsion benefited judaism and made it more spread in the mediterranean ( opposite to what the catholic kings wanted), and how that impacted Spain negatively (so they tried later to bring them back). So, the main focus will be on the diaspora. If you could focus more on the primary sources, it’d be awesome.

P.S: I choose Turkey instead of other European countries because the Europeans expelled them later on, but the turks kept them and benefited a lot.

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