The Future of Criminology and Criminal Justice Policy

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The state legislature has agreed to go forth with one of the two policy proposals that you formulated in the Week 4 Key Assignment draft. You will now have to explain how the policy will be implemented and what challenges will be faced during implementation.

Part 1 Tasks (Objectives from Weeks 1–4):

  • First, revise your Week 4 Key Assignment draft based on your own review and reflection, instructor feedback,
  • Instructor feedback (Hi Theodore : Total points earned (rounded): 113 out of 150 (75%). Task Requirements points earned: 26.25 out of 37.5 (70%). Demonstration and application of knowledge points earned: 57.75 out of 82.5 (70%). Academic writing and format points earned: 28.5 out of 30 (95%). Strengths: You are still providing theories, good ideas. Unit 4 IP is asking for an actual ACTION PLAN. . Opportunities for improvement: The TO; in the MEMORANDUM must be specific, for credit students must IDENTIFY WHO would be responsible for these changes; . You propose implementing programs as one joint solution. You need to provide an argument of a CHOICE between two options for the board. The Memorandum IDENTIFIES; WHO will be taking the actions. WHAT TWO ALTERNATIVE OPTIONS ARE PROPOSED, and the specific CRITERIA that will be used to judge the success of the proposed solutions; OUTCOMES that can be expected from both solutions. This must be specific so that an objective third party can check these criteria off a list to show that your proposal is effective. Unit 5 IP will ask, Who is hired, how much does it cost, exactly what is the daily agenda for the appointees? Who are the stakeholders when you state “we”? We are not asking what should or could happen but what you are directing to happen in each solution. The criteria for judging the success must be specific to the two solutions you provide. The criteria must be measurable and specific. Then for each option, that you give the Board of Legislatures, you must discuss the projective outcomes of each solution. The trade offs examine the pros and cons to each solution comparatively and finally give us a suggestion as to which of the two proposed solutions you recommend. )

Part 2 Tasks (Objective(s) from Week 5):

  • Add 2–3 additional pages of content to your final Key Assignment by selecting 1 of the 2 initiatives you recommended in Week 4 and addressing the following questions regarding the recommended policy:
    • What cost factors do you anticipate affecting implementation of the selected policy?
    • What strategy would you recommend to involve the media or other groups in an effort to inform the public and stakeholders about the new policy?
    • Articulate how research evidence played a significant role in your final policy recommendation.

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