the future of the internet

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Paper should focus on one argument of the topic. Either negative or positive of the future of the internet and must be a minimum of 5 pages, max 8 pages. SIX RESOURCES REQUIRED”:

You must have all of these four:

*One book (see pp. 228-29 in The Practical Handbook)

*One journal article (see p. 231 in The Practical Handbook)

*One Interview (Broadcast, Published, or Personal—see p. 236 in The Practical Handbook)

*One magazine or newspaper article (see p. 232 in The Practical Handbook)

The other two can be any of these:

*Additional websites from .edu, .org, .museum, .mil (see pp. 235-36 in The Practical Handbook)

*Non-traditional= Streaming videos (or a credible audio or video), government documents, or

a documentary (see pp.235-36 in The Practical Handbook)

NOTE: You may not cite from reference books, such as encyclopedias, dictionaries, or Wikipedia.

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