the role of technological change

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After reading “The Role of Technological Change”in Chapter 1 of the text, provide an initial post in your own words answering the following:

  • How do you believe that technology has contributed to the spread of globalization in business?
  • How has this impacted your life as a worker and as a consumer?

Just response each posted down below # 1 to 3

Posted 1

Technology has come along way in society and has contributed tremendously in business and globalization. The more technology advances the more companies can produce because it makes it easier for businesses to get orders to clients and learn the change in trends. Some technology evens helps create and produce things that are purchased or traded. Having so much technology has its upsides and its downsides. In my line of work as a banker, it helps with moving money from one place to other faster but it also puts peoples information at risk more. Within the last year or so I have seen and dealt with so much identity theft because of technology that people are scared to use debit cards anymore. Debit cards are great items and you are able to pay for your items faster but it also can be dangerous having that information out in the world because with technology people have so many ways of getting your information now.

Posted 2

Good Evening all,

I believe that technology has contributed a lot in the globalization business. It has helped communication better with the opportunity to video chat from a business stand point if you were unable to get to a meeting, you could be apart of it also with online classes as such we now can video chat and actually speak with our classmates which makes it more classroom like. ( i really enjoy the new seminars) It also has made businesses gain more business by allowing purchases to be made online, also this new grocery shopping online and picking up from the stores. This technology has really impacted my life, so i use Skype to communicate with my co works out of state and we are able to do visual trainings through Skype. I have also taken advantage of the shopping online and with my busy life it is very convenient to get my shopping done without having to roam the stores.

Posted 3

Good evening Professor and classmates!

Technology has played a huge part in the spread of globalization for businesses. It has made selling and buying globally extremely easy. Growing up in the 90s we had to physically go to the store to get items and there was a very limited selection of items to choose from. Now with technology we can go online and have a huge selection of products from all over the world. My father in law had a business here in Michigan and he was able to sell to consumers all over the world thanks to websites like eBay and Amazon. Before our advanced technology he would have been limited to consumers that were in driving distance. Technology makes it easy to put products and services out there for everyone to see. I do not work but my husband is impacted by globalization. He works at a factory that creates parts for car companies. A lot of the materials he uses are brought in from China and then after he creates the parts, they are sent all over the world. Being able to purchase materials from China has helped the company he works for save money so they can compete with similar companies. Globalization impacts me by giving me more options to choose from with various price tags. I live in a small town, so prices tend to be high because there is little brick and mortar competition. Instead of paying the high prices I can use technology to find a product elsewhere

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