the theatre protocol

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This “protocol” is a 5-part study of a particular stage play (musical or non-musical). The choice of this is open to you. This essay is overdue for me and don’t have time to do it so just choose a play you know pretty well and follow the 5 sections/instructions below:

  • Historical, cultural, and Social background of the play. (The time period it was created in)
  • Relevant biographical information concerning the playwright, plus a history of the writing of the play, and assessment of its place in the author’s body of work.
  • A critical history of the work, including a report on he textual problems (if any) of the original and an assessment of the major translations (if the play was written in a language other than English).
  • A comprehensive critical analysis of the play, including the writer’s suggestions for a directorial-design concept for a new production. (“Concepts” will be provided in class)
  • A comprehensive bibliography of materials on the play: editions, essays, articles, interviews, recordings, films, videos, etc.

Citation will be in MLA style. Margins are 1-inch on the top and bottoms of the pages. Required font: Times New Roman.

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