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Also published as a short story titled “A Jury of her Peers,” Trifles is a play set in the rural Midwest. On the surface, it may appear to be just a murder mystery, but the events that unfold say a lot about the relationships between men and women, and how the powerless still manage to maintain some control over their lives.

After reading and listening to Trifles, select one visual production to evaluate. Focusing on one scene or one character, record your impressions of both the audio and visual productions. Chart the similarities between the two productions and your own expectations.

In a two to three-page essay, explain what aspect you chose to examine, how the two productions treated that aspect of the play, and how they compare with your expectation. Evaluate which production you liked most, which had the most emotional appeal, which you thought best captured the intent of the author.

Remember to format your essay according to MLA guidelines.



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