This assignment is for someone who has experience in the medical field. (3M Encoder) (CPT Coding)

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Demonstrate the use of official coding references; and presenting explanations of concepts or methods. Explain why this resource would be beneficial to a coder. (read the article below) Shaving of epidermal/dermal lesions
CPT Assistant, February 2000 Page: 11 Category: Coding Consultation

Surgery Integumentary System


When our physician uses the shave technique to
remove a lesion, sometimes it is a benign lesion and other times it
turns out to be a malignant lesion. If the lesion removed by shave
technique is malignant, should codes 11100-11101 be used instead of
codes 11300-11313?

AMA Comment

Epidermal or dermal lesions removed by shave
technique should be reported using the code series 11300-11313, Shaving
of epidermal or dermal lesions. Shaving is the sharp removal by
transverse incision or horizontal slicing to remove epidermal and dermal
lesions without a full thickness dermal excision. This includes local
anesthesia and chemical or electrocauterization of the wound. The wound
does not require suture closure. CPT codes 11300-11313 are defined by
the technique used, and may be used for either benign or malignant
lesions removed by shaving technique. Therefore, if the dermal or
epidermal lesion were removed by shave technique, choose the appropriate
code based on anatomic site and size of the lesion from the 11300-11313

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