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Please respond with a paragraph to the following post, add citations and references.

The perceived tension between science and religion is that scientism has been trying to disprove religious viewpoints for many years. Scientism focuses highly on the value of natural science as the source of legitimate knowledge. Scientism does not subscribe to a Christian worldview or tolerate other belief systems. As a nurse, it’s important to be sensitive to various cultural backgrounds and religions other than my own. The tension that exists between scientism and relativism makes it challenging for medicine to provide care and do what’s in the best interest of the patient. It’s important for all healthcare professionals to participate with the patient’s spiritual needs and understand their cultural and religious backgrounds.

I have seen many healthcare facilities incorporate a chaplain to help in spiritual healing with the patient. Patients value compassionate care with healthcare providers and it’s important to understand that caring for the whole patient includes physical, emotional, social and spiritual aspects. Patients that have strong spiritual belief systems improve much quicker and find it easier to cope with illnesses.


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