topic title is infertility

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How does infertility affect woman differently than man? I would like to create a comparison about how the world views infertility for woman differently than man who happens to be sterile. I would like to introduce the impacts of infertility on both sexes emotionally and culturally. this paper should have a title, abstract, introduction, problem statement (include reference to at least two secondary sources and the theory), purpose of study (include variable chart), Research questions, theoretical framework (detailed discussion of theory), hypothesis statement and review, Literature review: discussion should be in same order as variable chart, research questions, and literature review chart, provide paraphrased summaries of each journal selected “as evidence” to connect X variables to Y variables, cite work, ethics: the discussion should consist of at least 2 paragraphs, ethical issues in research, informed consent, cite work, limitations in research, limitations of the researcher, informed consent, recommendations, annotated bibliography.

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