traditional predictors

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Answer the discussion questions, and justify your answers. Response must be 280 words for each question and response must be given back to the other student Rebecca Gardner.

  • Determine three (3) advantages and three (3) disadvantages of using traditional predictors (e.g., resume-bio presentations, interviews, reference checks, etc.) versus substantive assessment methods (e.g., personality tests, cognitive tests, integrity tests, etc.) when selecting new employees. Next, select the one (1) assessment method that you believe is the most reliable for hiring new employees, and specifiy two (2) benefits of utilizing your selected method witin an organization. Justify your response.

Rebecca Gardner

RE: Week 8 Discussion

Advantages of the Traditional predictors such as background checks, resumes, and reference checks vs. Substantive Assessments ( personality tests, cognitive tests, etc)

1. The background check can be useful by weeding out the candidates without morals, such as if a candidate left out any prior illegal acts, or if they might have lied about some information. This helps put their moral checks in place. Companies do not want a candidate that is lying about their personal information.

2. The resume and background checks help to check for accuracy and previous encounters. I have always felt the references and social media accounts will let you know who a person is. Even if the background check does not flag any issues, and then the facebook account states they have discriminatory behaviors, they probably will not be the best fit in a diverse work force. Not only is the job description and candidate need to be a match, but organizational fit as well.

3. The face to face interview helps the staffing committee, get a personal contact with the new candidate as well as the candidate to get to see the companies faces. This helps to physically and emotionally get a feel of a person, not that that should be a what makes the candidate a yes or no. But the first impression is a big deal, and the interview process should be a personal experience. This can determine many factors such as, education, interactions, and other factors a personality test can not determine.

Disadvantages of Traditional predictors such as background checks, resumes, and reference checks vs. Substantive Assessments ( personality tests, cognitive tests, etc)

1. Letters of recommendations can be basis unless the writer has a great deal of accountability or credibility. A letter of recommendation has just one option. Also there is the possibility of the writer only having 1 or 2 encounter with the new hire, and not really know that person on a person or even a professional level.

2. The substantive assessments help to measure the type of knowledge each candidate has. This is a more organized way of knowing how well each candidate will do in certain areas. During a traditional interview, the person asking the questions could not being asking the right questions the right way, and in the end the wrong candidate is being given the job. This way the information is quantitative and accurate.

3. The cost of these tests are very cost effective and saves time as well. This helps weed out the weak candidates who do not contain the thinking abilities each company is looking for based on the job description. This way everyone’s time is being used smartly. The new candidates aren’t being interviewed for no reason, and the staff doing interviews aren’t wasting their time interviewing the wrong candidate based on the job description.

The structured or patterned interview is the most reliable assessment utilized because this is a creative set of questions that is asked of all candidates. This way the candidates that score the answers that are looked for can be moved above the others. This is a great way to help find the best candidate for each job. Each job description should have its own set of questions based on the information needed for success. This assessment provides a clear understanding of what the candidate knows and understands. This also helps compare all candidates fairly. Each job is different based on the skills needed, but this is help who has the best set of skills when each candidate passes the organizational assessment.

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