two movie reflections

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Watch these two movies “Black or White” and “ Game Change”. Then write

TWO DIFFERENT reflections about them.

1 – Watch the movie “Black or White” and analyze it for its diversity issues. Include in your discussion whether the title of the movie is appropriate.

After watching the comedy-drama based on real events, explain whether people from “two seemingly different worlds can find common ground when nothing is as simple as black or white?

Link of the Movie:…

*Attached an example of what to do (Black or White Ex).

2- Watch the movie “ Game Change” what you learned about the presidential campaign and the media.

The movie “pulls back the curtain on the intense human drama surrounding the John McCain 2008 team, the critical decisions made behind closed doors and how the choice was made to bring Sarah Palin on the ticket.”

What role did the media play in all of this?

What, if anything, did this movie reveal about the media and the 2016 presidential campaign?

How, if at all, did this movie enlighten you about the 2016 presidential campaign and the media?

Link of the Movie:…

*Attached an example of what to do (Game Change Ex).

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