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For this assignment, you will investigate one genetic pattern of inheritance. Each type of inheritance can be passed through a family that may increase a person’s risk of developing disease at some point in life. You will prepare a PowerPoint for this assignment but the presentations may be brief, depending on class size and allotted time. This activity is as follows: Describe the inheritance pattern that you were assigned. Research and describe the genetic process responsible for transmission between generations, and identify the disease or condition you were assigned that can result when defective (mutant) genes are transmitted between generations. You might find it helpful to include a graphic explaining how a deleterious gene is transmitted between generations. This is known as a pedigree. Consider where the gene is located (autosome or sex chromosome, whether the mutation is dominant or recessive, what happens in the carrier state). Describe how this type of inheritance of a mutant gene might affect a person’s anatomy and physiology (what is the disease, what organs does it affect, what complications can it cause, and why?). Discuss the probability of inheriting the disease (disease development can be dependent on whether the mutation is dominant, recessive or sex-linked). Are there any credible genetic tests available to determine carriers of the condition? If so, how accurate are they? What does the data indicate about the number of people in the US affected by this condition? Personal perspective: What did you learn from this assignment? References (you should include at least three references from peer reviewed sources). You are encouraged to access more than just the information on the Human Genome website. Format the information as a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation with 8-12 slides (approximately – more is always better) and speaker notes.

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