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1. The author argues that feedback can be seen as a form of ______________. a. complaining b. argument c. unwanted input d. coaching

2. Open communication occurs best when: a. people feel their opinions are valued. b. people feel they will be rewarded, or at least not punished, for their opinions. c. both a and b d. neither a nor b

3. Feedback is a form of: a. advertising. b. complaining. c. resolving concerns. d. coaching.

4. A business that is “reluctant compliant” will: a. comply with the rules of customer service. b. make a half-hearted effort at customer service. c. be reluctant to assist customers. d. require reluctant employees to comply with customer satisfaction measures.

5. What percent of customers whose complaints are dealt with report a willingness to do business with a company again? a. 35% b. 80% c. 70% d. 90%

6. The real issue when working with customer solutions is: a. not whether the customer is right. b. making sure the customer feels justified and helped. c. both a and b d. neither a nor b

7. The three-step process for acting on complaints does NOT include: a. restating the problem. b. feeling empathy. c. resolving the problem. d. offering something more to exceed expectations.

8. The average company loses ______ or more of its customers every year. a. 7% b. 20% c. 75% d. None of the above.

9. Customer recovery is best defined as: a. getting back customers who have defected to another business. b. the effort to satisfy unhappy customers to prevent their leaving. c. both a and b d. neither a nor b

10. Deciding that the customer is always right is: a. less effective than deciding to always solve the problem. b. the best way to keep customers loyal. c. difficult to do, but important. d. All of the above.

11. Positive language conveys more of what than negative language? a. Productive attitude b. Helpfulness c. Information d. All of the above.

12. A good strategy with an angry customer is to: a. let them blow off steam until they calm down. b. remember that they are no longer rational. c. be supportive once they start listening. d. All of the above.

13. The letter “E” in the LIFE acronym stands for: a. excellence (in service). b. exceptional value. c. essence of value. d. expectations.

14. Which of the following examples is NOT an example of something a company can do to enhance extrinsic value? a. Multiple varieties b. Packaging c. Guarantees d. Add-ons

15. Customers will perceive long-term warranties as: a. an unnecessary expense. b. a method used by the company to gouge the customer. c. extremely valuable. d. of higher value than short-term warranties.

16. To enhance value through goodness of product fit: a. make sure you have responded to customer comments and altered your product or service accordingly. b. think of customers as individuals, not demographic groups. c. back up your product with a clear warranty so your customer will feel comfortable being able to fix a poor fit. d. think of ways to allow customers to customize your product or service.

17. Industrial intimacy: a. means allowing customers to select from menus of product characteristics. b. comes from better understanding of the specific needs and wants of customers. c. comes from focusing on what is important to the customer. d. All of the above.

18. Customers of online stores have come to expect e-tailers to send immediate email acknowledgments showing: a. status of the order. b. shipping dates. c. costs. d. All of the above.

19. Communication efficiency is a ratio of the costs of: a. communicating relative to the number of people reached by the message. b. a communication medium relative to the credibility of that medium with the target audience. c. both a and b d. neither a nor b

20. Communication effectiveness is NOT best achieved when the message is: a. received by the intended people. b. efficient. c. remembered. d. used.

21. The best companies to work for: a. typically use multi-faceted employee training. b. allow employees to train themselves using on-the-job training. c. treat employees as hired hands. d. None of the above.

22. Clear business communication doesn’t mean: a. avoiding jargon. b. being abrupt. c. avoid using stock numbers or abbreviations. d. All of the above.

23. Which of the following failings is NOT a hindrance to clear communication? a. failure to express appreciation b. failure to offer an alternative solution c. failure to provide a reasonable explanation d. failure to get to the point

24. The concept of bringing customers together to share or disseminate information is: a. old fashioned. b. inconvenient for customers. c. a user group. d. an unwelcome intrusion from a customer’s point of view.

M 25. Critical actions in e-commerce include: a. making customer support easily accessible. b. honoring the customer feedback loop. c. neither a nor b d. both a and b

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