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one paragraph the question:

1. Not all that long ago, students taking a course like this one would not have had access to any digital technology and the resulting ability to share information so quickly, seamlessly, and over such a wide variety of communication devices. The invention of the printing press around 1450 was an equally earth-shattering innovation. Imagine yourself in the beginning of the fifteenth century, and in a letter to a friend, rant about a hardship you encounter without the availability of anything printed. (Your emotional state would be similar to the absence of the cell phone in present day.)

2. Madrigals were the popular music during the sixteenth century. Choose a song currently popular in the twenty-first century (any genre), and compare it to either the sixteenth-century English or Italian madrigal. Include both similarities and differences you notice, using the categories of music structure found in Module 2 (see the Written Assignment).


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