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I need each question 1-6 answered. 

Once answered I need a 250 word essay on “What is your understanding of Classical Style?” 

Two examples need to be demonstrated on this essay. 

General Instructions for assignment

1.Address the six format responses below.  List each format detail, for example, “Topic Sentence,” “Definition,” etc.  Enter at least two sentences for each response. .

2.Having responded to each individual section, compose an essay of about 250 words answering the question “what is your understanding of the classical style.” 

        3a. For this assignment address the following question: What is your understanding of the Classical style?

  Your response must follow the format listed below.

1. Topic Sentence:  Introduce the Classical Style.  What is your understanding of this style?  How do the examples you have chosen illustrate this style?

2. Definition:  How would you define the Classical style?

3. Context:  In what manner is the Classical style an active feature of the Humanities of the ancient Greeks?

Example(s)  Cite another specific example in the visual arts.

4. Interpretation:  Describe this example completely, and compare the features of both works that make them common to the Classical style.

5. Relationship:  Explain the relationship between the artistic examples you have chosen and the position you have taken on the subject.

 6. What is your overall perspective and assessment of the Classical style and its place in the Humanities of the ancient Greeks?


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