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5b) The United States Supreme Court has held that any statement made within the organization by a public employee that can be considered part of her or his official duties is made in their capacity as an employee and not a citizen, and carries no First Amendment free speech protection against employer discipline.

Answer the following questions:

  • The City Accountant of a small town learns while reviewing the City’s accounts that the Mayor is stealing money from one of the town’s bank accounts. The City Accountant is interviewed on the local television station and screams, “I have just learned today that the Mayor is stealing your money! Protest City Hall! Call in to City Hall and demand the Mayor resign now!”
  • Is the City Accountant’s TV interview and statements, if true, subject to a libel or slander lawsuit by the Mayor? Were the City Accountant’s statements on TV covered under freedom of speech? Why or why not?

Submit an essay containing:

A minimum of 2 pages, APA format

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