mkt315 week 11 discussion 2 and response

Week 11 Discussion 2

“Sum It Up” Please respond to the following:

  • Write a speech that you would give to a friend in an elevator summing up the contents of this course. You have 30 to 90 seconds. Go!
  • The textbook identified several areas of business logistics management. Sum up the most important concept that you learned in 160 characters or less.

AND respond to this post:


RE: Week 11 Discussion 2

So you’re a great salesperson and just pitched a customer a product that they end up buying from you. That’s great! The thing is though do you have any idea of how products that you sell get from point A to point B? Enter logistics! Logistics is the process of transporting products from business to customer. Having a great logistical plan set up and a channel that smoothly takes care of this process is vital to you and your company’s success!

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