essay reflective

  1. Chapter 5, Serving Culturally Diverse Children and Families is an important chapter in the textbook. It provides you, the student, with specific strategies for incorporating cultural education into your guidance practices. A. List and describe 3 to 5 strategies you would use to interweave an anti-bias curriculum into your teaching. B. Has the chapter information enhanced or changed your approach to guiding young children? Please explain.
  2. Read the practical application case, Boba Rebear and Salty Green Paper. A. How did teachers and parents help facilitate a positive outcome? B. In this example, the teachers, parents, and children alike reacted to events in a culturally sensitive way. Give an example of an experience that you’ve had in which cultural sensitivity was lacking. C. How did this affect you or those involved?
  3. Discuss with the class the three most important things you have learned from this class thus far.

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