answer 5 questions of the ones below

Choose 5 to answer

1) What is the difference between heterosexism and homophobia?

2) Can homosexuals change their sexual orientation if they want to? And if so, can heterosexuals do the same? And does it really matter?

3) Why do researchers generally recommend using the term “sexual orientation” rather than “sexual preference”?

4) Should discrimination based on sexual orientation be outlawed to the same extent as discrimination based on race and sex?

5) If people believe in a literal interpretation of the Bible, is it still prejudiced for them to: (a) regard homosexual behavior as sinful? (b) view homosexuality as an abomination before God? (c) support the death penalty for homosexual behavior?

Since all of the above things are supported in the Bible – Why or why not?

6) Do you believe that it is okay for people in the gay community to use terms such as “fag,” “dyke,” and “queen”? Why or why not?

7) Why do people call homosexuality unnatural, when it exists in all sexual species in nature?

APA format

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