business model and competitive strategy of ikea in india 2

minimum 900 about IKEA in INDIA!!

Answer the following 5 Questions (3 pages)

1. Analyze the reasons for IKEA’s delayed entry into the Indian market.

2 Discuss the market entry strategy of IKEA for the Indian market. What are the advantages and disadvantages of adopting the wholly owned subsidiary route in entering the market?

3. Describe the key elements of IKEA’s globally successful business model. What are the sources of IKEA’s competi­tive advantage?

4. Describe the bureaucratic and cultural challenges faced by IKEA in gaining approval to enter India. How did the company overcome these?

5. Discuss the challenges that IKEA could face down the line in establishing its stores in the Indian market. What steps should IKEA take to succeed in the Indian furniture market?

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