puad 725 management decision making methods 2

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  1. Complete your required reading.
  1. Read the rubric.
  1. Read the Class Communication for Week 5. Your professor has placed 1 strategy in Week 5 Class Communication for which you will have to develop an implementation plan. This is an individual assignment.

Strategy -Enable one-stop processing for all registrations by providing kiosks at the DMV where people can register online but get assistance from staff when needed.

  1. Analyze the steps that would be needed to successfully implement the stated strategy.
  1. Write a 5-10 page implementation plan that explains what would be required for the DMV to successfully implement the assigned strategy, including at least:
    1. Resources: As specifically as possible detail the financial, human, and other resources that would be needed to implement the strategy
    2. Stakeholder Support: Identify the key individuals, actors, and stakeholders whose support or approval is needed to successfully implement the strategy. Explain, why the support or approval is needed and identify which individuals, actors, or stakeholders would be most critical and how you would attempt to gain their support.
    3. Implementation Plan: Summarize as precisely as possible the implementation of the strategy in a milestone chart like the one presented in Figure 9.1 of TCAG. Discuss the critical tasks that must be completed.
    4. Project Plan: Also, create a project workflow plan such as a Gantt chart or a critical path chart similar to that presented in Figure 9.7 in TCAG to illustrate the workflow and timing of implementation.
    5. Overcoming Risks/Barriers/Challenges: Discuss the key issues or challenges that could derail successful implementation of the strategy, including how the change would affect current people and processes, and the steps you would take to mitigate those risks and ensure the change is successful and sustained/institutionalized within the organization.


  • When you think the case does not provide sufficient information for developing the required plan you should 1) make reasonable assumptions that you clearly identify, 2) ask the instructor 3) conduct necessary research (for example, search online to find out about how much a kiosk costs), or 4) indicate what information is lacking and how you would obtain it.
  • Adhere to APA guidelines.
  • Include page numbers, running head, and title page.
  1. Submit your paper to Turnitin and review the originality report you receive. If your report states that more than 24% of your document is not original thought, rework your paper so that it is written in your own words. Make any other revisions necessary based on the originality report (e.g., include citations).
  1. Review the rubric to confirm that you have met or exceeded the requirements for this assignment. Copy and paste the rubric at the end of your document.

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