full lab report

Just wanted to clarify something from the book.  there are two ways to looking at standing waves  in an air tube or even an aluminum rod.. Displacement nodes and anti-nodes and another way.. pressure nodes and anit-nodes.. For the questions in the lab, we are going to just deal with displacement nodes and anit-nodes and not with pressure… A displacement anti-node is a place on a standing wave that is moving or displaced like crazy.(ironically, that place does not undergo very much pressure change so it’s a pressure node) .. A displacement node is a place on a standing wave that is quiet or not displaced at all.  (ironically, the node for displacement undergoes the greatest pressure variation so it’s a pressure anti-node) . Again, if I ask you to sketch a standing wave in an air column, I mean displacement sketch The following link might help: http://www.acs.psu.edu/drussell/Demos/StandingWaves/StandingWaves.html

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