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You are correct in your assessment that we need to advocate for ourselves so that our managers can then advocate for us with the higher ups. Our pts rely on us to advocate for them as well. I work in an out pt clinic. A pt came in with another nurse. The first issue she addressed before the nurse could ask her anything about the reason she was there (her wound) was her body wide rash. Something quite serious and concerning. The nurse begann to assess that situation while simultaneously beginning to assess the wound. She was asking her the typical questions we would ask, new detergent, new perfume/lotion, new medication, etc. While reconciling her meds (something required every visit) she was quickly looking up some side effects.

The NP came in without the nurse being ready and essentially then berated her to our manager about spending too much time on an issue she wasn’t there for. The manager advocated for her reminding her that we practice holistically and she did not step outside of her scope but rather tried to address her concern so she could then give an adequate report to the provider. So happy for a manager that believes in our clinical judgement and skills to be able to stand up for us.

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