teaching tolerance and sensitization to undergraduates

Teaching Tolerance and Sensitization to Undergraduates

As a future health psychology professional, you will need to communicate information to different audiences with varying levels of familiarity with a topic.

For this Assignment, create a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation (10 slides) that differentiates tolerance and sensitization, which could be presented to an undergraduate Introduction to Psychology class. Assume that this is the first time they are learning about the topic.

Submit by Day 7 your PowerPoint presentation that differentiates tolerance from sensitization. Include your lecture notes within the Notes feature of PowerPoint for your Instructor.

Note: There is no one definitive format for a PowerPoint presentation. You are encouraged to explore and research best practices. As a starting point, you may want to refer to the Walden University Writing Center guidelines, under “PowerPoint Presentation.”

Support your Assignment with specific references to the Learning Resources and any additional references you used.


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    • Chapter 2, “Behavioral Analysis of Drug Effects” (pp. 22-35)
  • Gilpin, N. W., Smith, A. D., Cole, M., Weiss, F., Koob, G. F., & Richardson, H. N. (2009). Operant behavior and alcohol levels in blood and brain of alcohol-dependent rats. Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research, 33(12), 2113–2123.
    Retrieved from US National Library of Medicine, NIH:

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