please read and follow carefully all the requirements please complete properly this assignment

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look at the files

For part 2, you will be developing job descriptions, compensable factors, weights and levels, as well as evaluating benchmark jobs. As you go through the process, you will develop the internal pay structure for your organization. Your project will have 4 sections:

  1. Using O*Net, develop job descriptions for 30 benchmark jobs (select from the attached list). You’ll also need to decide whether each job is exempt (salary) or non-exempt (hourly).
  2. Using your strategic plan, develop the compensable factors for your organization. You’ll need to choose a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 10 compensable factors. You’ll also need to develop a weighting scheme, levels, and a job evaluation grid. If you have chosen a multiple path strategy for your organization, you’ll need to develop compensable factors, weighting scheme, levels, and a grid for each path.
  3. Using your job descriptions from #1 and your job evaluation scheme/grid from #2, perform job evaluation on each of your benchmark jobs. Rank your jobs from highest to lowest point totals.
  4. Narrative – Explain your rationale for each step (why you chose these jobs from the list, why these compensable factors and weights are important to your strategy, why you rated each job at a certain level).

Your report will be single-spaced in a 12 point font. There is not a page minimum or limit so be brief but tell me what you need to tell me.

Benchmark Jobs

1. Customer Service Manager

2. Customer Service Representative

3. Budget Analyst

4. Budget Manager

5. Accounting Manager

6. Accounts Payable Specialist

7. Accounts Receivable Specialist

8. Office Manager

9. Receptionist

10. Sales Representative

11. Sales Manager

12. Marketing Director

13. Marketing Assistant

14. Purchasing Manager

15. Purchasing Specialist

16. Supply Chain Manager

17. Supply Chain Analyst

18. Purchasing Manager

19. Purchasing Agent

20. Quality Manager

21. Drivers (CDL Certified)

22. Maintenance Technician

23. Administrative Assistant

24. Project Manager

25. IT Administrator

26. IT – Web Designer

27. IT – Support Analyst

28. Social Media Manager

29. Human Resource Manager

30. HR Specialist – Compensation

31. HR Specialist – Recruiting

32. HR Specialist – Benefits

33. HR Specialist – Employee Relations

34. Human Resource Coordinator

35. Operations Manager

36. First Line Supervisor

37. Engineering Associate

38. Production Engineer

39. Maintenance Manager

40. Market/Product Research Manager

41. Market/Product Research Analyst

42. Event Planner

43. Food Service Manager

44. Food Preparation Worker

45. Production Worker

O*net link

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