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Select the best answers for each of the following statements.
What is the study of mass relationships of elements in compounds? composition stoichiometry 

Which of the following would be investigated in reaction stoichiometry? the mass of potassium required to produce a known mass of potassium chloride

In the reaction 2Al2O3 → 4Al + 3O2, what is the mole ratio of aluminum to oxygen?

Balance the reaction of sulfuric acid with sodium hydroxide.

H2SO4 + NaOH → Na2SO4 + H2O

How many moles of sodium sulfate are produced when 34.8 moles of sodium hydroxide completely react with sulfuric acid.

Write a balancedequation for the combustion of pentane, C5H12, in oxygen, , forming the products carbon dioxide, and water, H2O. How many grams of carbon dioxide will be produced by the complete reaction of 5.96 grams of pentane?

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