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(The Rectangle class ) Following the example of the Circle class  in Section 8.2, design a class  named  Rectangle to represent a rectangle. The class  contains: ■ Two double  data fields named  width and height that specify the width and height of the rectangle. The default  values  are 1 for both width and height. ■ A no-arg constructor  that creates a default  rectangle. ■ A constructor  that creates a rectangle with the specified width and height. ■ A method  named  getArea() that returns the area of this rectangle. A method  named  getPerimeter() that returns the perimeter. Draw the UML diagram for the class  and then implement the class . Write a test program  that creates two Rectangle objects —one with width 4 and height 40 and the other with width 3.5 and height 35.9. Display the width, height, area, and perimeter of each rectangle in this order.

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