it and marketing feild assignment

this is the assignment question:

The Toy Project will be an ongoing discussion to practice executing a risk assessment.  We will do an activity nearly every week.

You can select one of the following as your entity:  a doctor’s office, a small retailer with an electronic commerce site,  or a  university department.

For Activity One, you need to describe your entity.  Write one page answering the following questions and providing any other information you like.

1.  where are your locations (have at least two locations)?

2.  what types of employees do you have and how many?

3.  what commercial sector is your business in?

4.  what regulations, laws, etc. apply to your business?

5.  how do customers interact with your business?

You might want to keep this as an ongoing document that you add to as we go along. 

* so I chose salon field and I attached my work please review my work and correct it. and add the missing point.

Toy project.docx

thank you

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