hhs 460 research methods in health amp human services

Week 4 –
Discussion 1 – Careers in HHS

The great variety of careers and
occupations within the field of HHS is growing every year.  A review of
some of the data bases in the text will provide opportunities to search and
identify many occupational areas within different governmental departments and
programs.  Searching, for example, the U.S. Department of Health and Human
Services website will result in finding many careers such as: social workers,
preschool programs, criminal justice, counseling, gerontology, and drug and
alcohol treatment.  After selecting two different websites related to HHS,
identify two career areas in the HHS field and do the following: 


  • Record the websites or data bases, listing the careers or occupations given.
  • Prepare a brief description of the career / occupation.
  • Respond thoughtfully to the following two questions:
  • Selecting one of the career occupation areas, complete the following sentence: I
          believe working in the HHS career area would be right for me because…

    • In this career area the kind of work I would be doing would be… (complete
            the sentence)

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