its a statistics question

The normal curve is one of the most important probability distributions. One
can even make the case that is the most important of them all. 

When one thinks of the normal distribution the first thing that
comes to mind is the bell curve and grades. While this is one example of a
normal curve that is widely recognized, it is not the only one.

(i)come up with a unique normal distribution 
(ii) Explain your curve with all the details you could find such as the
mean and standard deviation.
(iii) What do the areas in the intervals µ – σ to µ + σ, µ – 2σ to µ +
2σ and µ – 3σ to µ + 3σ represent as far as areas under the normal curve?
The intervals are:

  (µ – σ, µ + σ)

(µ – 2σ, µ + 2σ)

( µ – 3σ, µ + 3σ )

(iv) If you have the mean and standard deviation, calculate what
the actual intervals are for your curve in part (iii) above..

Please include any citations on where you obtained your data for
the curve. If it is from the internet, providing the link is enough.

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