4 math problems Out of 78 students in a math course 63 passed their math quiz math homework help

1. Out of 78 students in a math course, 63 passed their math quiz. What percentage of the students passed?

2. Annabelle’s tuition this quarter was $4550. What was the percentage increase on her tuition is she paid $4320 last quarter?

3. Suppose you buy a $3250 savings bond that pays 2.39% annual simple interest. Determine the value of the bond after 4years.

4. Suppose that you deposit $6,380 in a savings account that pays 4.5% annual interest with interest credited to the account at the end of each year. Assuming no withdrawals are made, find the balance in the account after 7 years.

5. Suppose that you deposit $10,500 is invested in an account with an APR of 2.75% compounded daily. Find the future value of the account in 8 years.

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