Project Management Maturity writing homework help

Part 1: Assessment

Perform an assessment of the project management maturity at your workplace (Aims Community College) www.aims/edu . Diagnose the organization’s project management maturity level based on its organizational structure, strategy, and culture. Identify project management practices, tools, and techniques used at each phase of the project life cycle. Explain how these best practices, tools, and techniques contribute to project success and the organization’s project management maturity.

Part 2: Recommendation

Based on your Part 1 assessment, recommend specific improvements and/or new best practices, tools, and techniques throughout the project life cycle to elevate the organization’s project management maturity. In particular, designate recommendations related to enabling information technologies and software applications.

Part 3: Value Proposition

Perform a business benefit evaluation to determine the impact of the recommendations related to the organization’s mission purpose, strategy, and competitive advantage.

The Portfolio Project must be submitted in a single document of seven to ten pages in length, not including the title, appendices, and reference pages. The three parts, above, must be included with a detailed explanation of each required component. Use appendices to illustrate specific project management best practices, tools, and techniques.

In your submission include at least five outside supportive references, not including the course textbook, course materials, or other information resources provided as part of the course materials. These must be cited and integrated into your paper. These are expected to provide information and support for assertions made in your writing. The CSU-Global Library is a good place to find these references.

Formatting of your paper must comply with CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA Requirements. Thoroughly proofread and grammar-check your final draft. Examine the Portfolio Project grading rubric to guide your project writing and presentation.

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