computer networks simple homework 1

Three C programs have been posted above. (1) p3client.c is a TCP client, (2) p3server.c is a TCP server, and (3) forwarder.c is a combination of TCP client and server. Given forwarder.c is not working.

To compile the c programs, type “gcc –o p3client p3client.c”, “gcc –o p3server p3server.c”, and “gcc –o forwarder forwarder.c” in a terminal on Linux.

Modify “forwarder.c” as the following:

  1. p3server must start first and wait for a forwarder. Write C codes to establish a connection to p3server. For this connection, you must use TCP client. (50 Points)
  2. Once your forwarder is connected to p3server, a server in the forwarder will start (the related code was given). And then, p3client must start. If you type a word on p3client, p3client will send this word to the forwarder (the related code was given). Write C codes for the forwarder to send this word to p3server (50 points)

To run the programs on Linux, open three terminals, type ./server on the first terminal, ./forwarder on the second terminal and ./client on the third terminal.


  • Please see the detailed examples on “file 1” posted above
  • Do not modify p3client.c and p3server.c. The modified forwarder.c must be working with the given p3client.c and p3server.c
  • Submission: your forwarder.c

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