business proposal 5

This is a role-play assignment. We’ll play the role of a Business Intelligence Consultant. take the role of the BI Consultant hired by Steel Wheels. Prepare and submit your own business proposal on what should be the important factors for a successful implementation and oversight of Steel Wheels’ BI solution. In this 900-1,000 Microsoft Word business proposal, describe your proposed best practices that should be established when developing a BI solution (include the areas of business strategy, business processes, data, people, and technology). Describe the potential barriers, challenges and risks factors in delivering the BI solution and what would you propose as major best practices to overcome the challenges and mitigate the risks while delivering a successful BI solution. Lastly, describe what would be the rewards for Steel Wheels after a successful BI implementation. Please incorporate your ideas from the resource materials (articles, websites, and videos) found in the Reading and Assignments folder. Additional information can be found on youtube such as: Is Business Analytics Overrated? Pamela Prentice Shows Why Not (youtube video), and Business Intelligence Demonstration (youtube video)

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