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Purposes: To write in a specified newspaper genre of your choice (news or opinion).

To express something about your own experience at TU.

To think about how a group can be positively or negatively represented in the media.

Length: 600 words.

Genre & structure: You have a choice of genre for this paper. You can either write a news story or an opinion piece for The Towerlight. The opinion piece can be an “open letter” but it doesn’t have to be. Use the class notes handout to give you guidance on the genre that you choose and how to structure it.

Referencing: You do not have to use academic citations in this paper. However, if you report what someone said, you should give the person’s name, and a title or role that explains his/her connection to your piece.

Grading: Only the final draft of this essay will be graded. Grades will be based on clarity of thinking, how well you write your genre, how interesting you make your piece to your hypothetical readers, following these directions, and progress made between first and second drafts.

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