i wrote an essay i need it to be fixed up to fix the criteria needed for the essay

I have uploaded two documents. The first document is the essay I wrote (my first draft). The second document is the criteria that the essy will be graded off of. Please make sure to fix my essay to make sure that it will get an 100% I wrote around 350 words but I want at least 500 words which Is what I am paying for. Make sure not to go above 650 words no matter what.

The guidelines for my essay are:

1. Summarize the essay clearly identifying the conclusion and the premises.

2. Discuss the link between education/knowledge and enfranchisement/governance.

3. Discuss Plato’s assessment of democracy as a system of governance and who is best equipped to lead society.

4. Write a critique of Plato’s political philosophy as expressed in the Allegory of the Cave. For example, what could possibly go wrong in a society that is governed by an “elite” group of individuals?

5. Be sure to include a counterexample. (We have to anticipate objections/rebuttals to an argument.)

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